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Outstanding result of chemical resistance are recorded with chemical tests for 24 hours prior to review thus chemical resistance, high impact and heat properties product is therefore best suited for all demanding activities especially in institutions of higher learning Phenolic Resin compact boards basically consists of 4 main layers, they are overlay paper, decorative paper, underlay paper and kraft paper.



Overlay paper is a transparent layer at the top of the laminates for protective purpose. The overlay itself is resistant to stain, heat, impact, abrasion and all common household chemicals.


Decorative paper is a coloured / Printed sheet in laminated products for a wide variety of uses. Before pressing, the decorative paper has to be impregnated with melamine formaldehyde resin in order to make the paper stronger to further enhance the beauty of the colour and designs.


Underlay paper acts as a protective sheet placed in between decorative paper and kraft paper to provide extra protection againts any given penetration.


This sheet represents the core of the laminates. Placed between the decorative paper and the kraft paper, it would be impregnated with phenolic resin before the pressing process.

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