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Compact- Laboratory worktop is tested by the Standard Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia and Singapore Productivity and Standards Board (PSB) to DIN EN438-1 & ISO 4586-1


Resistance to chemicals

Resistance to colour change in Xenon Arc Light
Resistance to cigarette burns
Resistance to steam
Dimensional stability at 20°C
Tensile strength    
Moisture resistance grade
Resistance to termites
Impact resistance
Bending Strength

Resistance to stains
Resistance to heat
Resistance to boiling water
Dimensional stability at elevated temperature
Flexural strength
Resistance to crazing
Post form ability
Abrasion resistance
Scratch hardness
Modulus of elasticity








School Laboratories
University College Laboratories
Hospital & Health Care Laboratories
Medical Institution
Industry Testing Facilities
Research and Development Center
Photographic Laboratories
Engineering Lab
Science Laboratories




Product Detail



Thickness Available-1.0mm to 25mm


Standard Size

1220 mm   x   2440 mm

1220 mm   x   3050 mm

1220 mm   x   3660 mm

1310 mm   x   2440 mm

1830 mm   x   2440 mm

1310 mm   x   3050 mm

1525 mm   x   3050 mm

1525 mm   x   3660 mm

1830 mm   x   3660 mm



Test Report





Our product is tested by the Standard Industrial Research Institute od Malaysia (SIRIM) and Singapore Productivity and Standard Board (PSB).


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